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House locations

All postgraduates are entitled to three years of accommodation in College rooms. A total of 85 rooms are spread between Cripps Court and graduate houses, all close to college. A cycle shed is found in Cripps Court whilst graduate houses provide cycle racks. All rooms have Wi-Fi internet access and a telephone socket (although no phone is provided). House rooms vary in size (from palatial to cosy, hobbit-sized). Rooms in the ground and first floors usually have high ceilings and large windows, whilst top floor rooms are smaller and of an attic-style, with distinctive sloping ceilings. The furnishings and facilities available also vary from room to room.

More information on housing can be found in the college's student accommodation handbook

Cripps Court – 33 rooms

A recently renovated 1960s accommodation block. It has severak staircases (I,J and K) containing postgraduate rooms. Our newly refurbished MCR common room and bop venue (The Diamond) are conveniently located within Cripps. Perfect for getting together with other Selwynites to watch a film, play some pool or dance the night away. All rooms contain a bed, desk, chairs, bookcase and washbasin. The rooms are reasonably sized and a small kitchen, lavatory and shower facilities can be found in each floor. An easily accessible laundry room is also found just by the MCR.


21 West Road – 8 rooms

This hostel is located right next to the West Road Concert Hall and Sidgwick Site. All rooms have a bed, desk, chair, bookcase or shelves and washbasin. This grad house has a spacious, but not-that-fully equipped kitchen with a dining table. There is plenty of cupboard and fridge space. 2 showers, 1 bath and 3 toilets are shared between students. The closest laundry room is located in Ann’s Court.


21 Grange Road – 6 rooms

A graduate house with 6 student rooms, 2 of which are ensuite. It can be accessed from Grange Road. It has a large, spacious kitchen for student cooking. The house was recently refurbished and so the interior of the house is very nice. The rooms have a range of sizes from small to some of the largest that are avialable for students. The nearest laundry location is located at the back of 29 Grange Road.



23 Grange Road – 4 rooms

A graduate house with 4 student rooms that is held for incoming graduate students. It can be accessed from Grange Road or via its small back garden which is shared by other houses. It has a small kitchen for student cooking. The nearest laundry location is located at the back of 29 Grange Road.



25 Grange Road – 8 rooms

A graduate house with 3 en suite rooms. It can be accessed from Grange Road or via its small back garden. It has a small kitchen and a shared garden`. The newly refurbished rooms are very spacious and can receive a lot of sunshine during the day. The nearest laundry location is located at the back of 29 Grange Road.


29 Grange Road – 11 rooms

Another large grad house with a smaller-sized side garden. A small laundry is conveniently located at the rear of the house. Although the ground floor kitchen can get a bit cramped, it has an large adjacent common space with a sofa and dining table. Storage and fridge space is limited, but there is a small pantry in the 3rd floor with a fridge, microwave and sink. All rooms are fairly spacious and students share 3 showers, 2 baths and 4 toilets.


31 Grange Road – 11 rooms

A spacious white-painted Victorian building with a large, charming back garden. The garden is frequently used over the summer term for MCR barbecues and other events. Rooms vary in size and have different furnishings, but all have a bed, desk, chair, and bookcase or shelves. Except for the en-suite room, all contain a washbasin. Students share a spacious and well-equipped kitchen with a large dining table. Each floor has a toilet and a shower (with an additional bath in some cases).

18 Fulbrooke Road – 5 rooms

A small graduate house near the Selwyn sports grounds. This house has a communal living area and kitchen, with back garden.



All the rooms have a rent code which is determined by their size, furnishings, the floor they are on and the house in which they are located. The price per week includes electricity, heating, gas and water. You will be charged for 48 weeks per year. Payments are due quarterly but you can contact Jane Eagle (jem52), Assistant Accountant, to arrange monthly installments. 

Rent Code Cost Per Week (2020 / 2021)
1 £113.86
2 £125.16
3 £136.47
4 £147.79
5 £159.11
6 £170.42
7 £180.46
8 £191.79

Room ballot 

First years are allocated a room more-or-less at random by College. Those staying for more than one year can then ballot for their desired room in subsequent years. The balloting sequence is determined by the Fellow for Rooms. You can opt to live out of College, but you would have to arrange accommodation before arriving to Cambridge in this case. Just a word of advice: accommodation outside college is not likely to be much cheaper once electricity, gas, and water bills are taken into account. 

Useful contacts

Fellow for Rooms

Dr James Moultrie

tel: (7)69372

Accommodation Officer

Mrs Alison Benham

tel: (7)69339