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Selwyn College MCR


President: Maxime Burgonse

The President takes overall responsibility for MCR affairs at both the College and University levels, presiding over the MCR committee. The president represents the graduate student body at Council meetings and looks after the general functioning of the Committee. In addition to ensuring that all affairs of the committee are run smoothly, the president also acts as a liaison between the student body and the college council. Additional responsibilities include conducting elections for vacant positions, representing the student body on various committees including the governing body, college council, accommodation etc. The president also takes a leadership role setting the objectives for the committee and ensuring that these objectives are met during the committee’s term. The president also has responsibility for the MCR Constitution.

Vice President: Jack Whaley-Baldwin

The Vice-President represents the College’s graduate students in CUSU meetings and sits on the accommodation and Building and estates committees. In the absence of the president, the vice-president chairs all MCR Committee meetings and replaces the president in College meetings. In addition, the vice-president also serves as the accommodation officer and is responsible for conducting the graduate room ballot in June/July every year (so if you have an issue with your room and wish to change, the VP is your man/woman). In the absence of a Welfare officer, the VP takes on this responsibility.

Please send all punt card requests to the Vice-President

Secretary: Juliette Beunat

Secretaries assist in organizing Formal and MCR Dinners. They formally communicate with catering regarding dinner bookings and help ensure that everyone is charged appropriately for their Formal Halls/MCR Dinners. Secretaries also take minutes at Committee meetings and Open meetings. They preside over the Committee in the absence of the President and Vice President. On a weekly basis secretaries circulate a bulletin to the MCR body. If you would like to communicate something to the MCR you should get in touch with the secretaries.

Treasurer: Mariana Lima

The treasurer manage the finances of the committee. This includes preparing termly budgets, ensuring any expense claims are paid on time and financial accounting. They represent the MCR on the College Council, the Governing Body and at the Audit Committee. Any expense claims or proposed expenses should be discussed with the treasurer in the first instance.

Ents Officers: Vacant

The Ents Officers organise a variety of social events throughout the year and keep members informed of activities across Cambridge. They are responsible for organizing major events such as bops and concerts, but also for organizing weekly events.

International Officer: Vacant

This officer serves as a source of information as well as support for those students who have come from abroad to become part of the Selwyn MCR. Responsibilities of this position include meeting new international arrivals, answering questions relating to the practical matters that need to be dealt with when starting life in England and providing support to help students adjust to life in another country. The international officer also serves to foster cultural exchange between the various nationalities which comprise the MCR’s members and holds educational and social events, such as international dinners, in order to further this goal.

Sports Officer: Vacant

The Sports Officer, is responsible for sport in the MCR, and representing MCR sportspersons at the College level. They are also responsible for sports kits used by any of the MCR teams, and will coordinate with any MCR sports team captains to promote MCR sporting activity at College and University-wide levels.

Welfare Officer: Matt Worssam

The Welfare Officer looks after the day-to-day welfare of MCR members. He also provide a point of contact to discuss welfare issues (having been fully trained by CUSU), and is in charge of welfare supplies in the MCR.

Publicity Officer: Julie Malone

The Publicities Officer's primary function is taking pictures at MCR Events or other related college events. The Publicities Officer also handles the MCR's social media presence, i.e. administrating the Facebook and Instagram pages in accordance with the MCR's privacy policy.

Dinner Officers: Maria Zarochinceva and Harry King

The dinner officer organises the sale and distribution of Formal Halls throughout the year and organises swaps with other colleges.

Computing Officer: Vacant.

The holder of this position is responsible for the upkeep of the MCR’s computers, manages the MCR email list and maintains the technical and design aspects of the MCR website. This officer is also responsible for liaising with the Selwyn computer office.

Unless this post is otherwise taken, these responsibilities will be met by Jack Whaley-Baldwin (Vice-President).

LGBTQ Officer: Philip Taylor

The LGBTQ+ officer provides advice, support and information to LGBTQ+ students. They can help you get involved with the university LGBTQ+ activities in Cambridge (either through the CUSU LGBTQ+ Campaign or the CU LGBT Staff network, where graduate students are also very welcome to join). You can also contact your LGBT+ officer if you need confidential support and want to talk to someone about your sexual orientation or gender, if you are not out but want to confidentially talk to someone, if you want to organise or have a suggestion for an LGBTQ+ event or if you have experienced sexism/homophobia/transphobia/interphobia at Cambridge or you have any other query that you think the LGBTQ+ officer could help you with. If they cannot resolve your query or issue, then they will be able to direct you towards someone who can.

Common Room Officer: Zoi Papadopoulou

The Common Room officer is responsible for the MCR room and looks after furnishings, crockery, cutlery etc, oversees recycling and keeps the notice boards up to date. Most importantly, they are responsible for fulfilling members' caffeine addictions, and make sure there is enough tea and coffee. If you find that anything has run out or something needs fixing in the MCR, please e-mail them.

Alumni Officer: Vacant

The Alumni officer takes care of establishing relationships with the Selwyn MCR Alumni and informing them of upcoming MCR events. The other main responsibilities of the MCR Alumni officer include: notifying the College Alumni Office of upcoming events, acquiring contact information of MCR alumni, and organising events at which MCR Alumni would be invited such as Careers events, VIP talks, and MCR dinner invitations.

Meeting Minutes

Committee meeting minutes can be found here (requires Raven authentication).