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Sport forms a large part of life at Selwyn and has been steadily improving throughout the last few years. The college competes in a wide variety of sports and welcomes sportsmen and women of all ages and abilities. In Michaelmas term there is an opportunity to learn to row in one of the college novice boats, with the potential to compete for the college in the prestigious Lent and May bumps races. In addition to rowing, the college regularly competes in the following sports; football, rugby, netball, hockey, cricket, tennis, squash, lacrosse, swimming, athletics, water polo, badminton, croquet and even skiing. In most cases there are teams for both genders or mixed teams with the exception of rugby. In addition to the college teams, the MCR have separate football and cricket teams which compete in the MCR leagues. If you would like any more information please contact the MCR sports officer.

Should you represent the college in two first class sports at Cuppers or obtain a blue or half blue at University level you may be invited to join the Hermes or Sirens clubs. The Hermes club was founded in 1920 and exists to encourage and improve the standard of Selwyn sport. The club boasts a number of Olympic medallists and international sportsmen amongst their alumni. The Sirens club has existed for over thirty years and aims to represent and support sportswomen within college, encourage participation in sport at all levels and to help raise funds for clubs and individuals in order to promote further sporting activity at Selwyn. The Hermes and Sirens clubs together coordinate the college sports clubs, are responsible for the sports bursary scheme and work closely to secure funding for College teams and individuals. With both clubs, membership brings many social opportunities but also a lifetime financial commitment to furthering sport at Selwyn.