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The City

The quickest route from Selwyn into the city centre is down Sidgwick Avenue, Silver Street and left onto King’s Parade (on your bike) or through King’s College if you decide to walk. If the gates of King’s College are locked, walking through Clare might also be a good option as Clare tends to be open most of the time outside of exam term. For those living in Cripps Court and in the West Road hostels, cycling down West Road, left on Queens Road and over Garrett Hostel Bridge (also known as the "Orgasm Bridge") is another option to get into town quickly.

Food and Supermarkets  

Sainsbury's is the main supermarket in the centre of town and is on Sidney Street (opposite Sidney Sussex College). It is open from 08:00 - 23:30 Monday to Saturday and from 11:00 - 17:00 on Sunday. Marks and Spencer on the Market Square is another (and slightly more convenient) alternative that is open until 18:00 on Monday to Saturday and until 17:00 on Sunday. The central market is a great source of fresh produce, much of it locally produced (open 09:00 - 17:00, Monday to Sunday) where you will be able to get fresh fruit and veg, fish, meat, cheese, bread and a whole host of other items. 

The closest shop to Selwyn is the Co-op in Newnham Village (bottom of Grange Road) and serves as a good option on Sunday evenings when all the bigger shops are shut. Beware, you will pay for the convenience as this place is significantly more expensive than other supermarkets. There is also a butcher and bakery in Newnham Village that sells a variety of fresh produce (including excellent croissants from the butcher) and might at times be more convenient than going into town.


Cambridge has the following bank branches:

Lloyds, 3 Sidney Street

HSBC, 63-64 St Andrew’s Street

Barclays,  9-11 St Andrew’s Street

NatWest, 23 Market Street

Halifax, 32-33 Petty Curry

Nationwide, 26-27 Petty Curry

Santander, 60 St Andrew’s Street


Buy a gown. You will need this for matriculation, attending formal hall and, hopefully, graduation. Gowns can be purchased from AE Clothier and Ryder and Amies in town. Often they have second hand gowns which are just as good and far less expensive. The MCR sometimes has second hand gowns to sell. Email our treasurers to find out more (mcr-treasurer@sel).