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Selwyn College MCR

Welcome to Selwyn College MCR

MCR stands for Middle Combination Room. It refers to the postgraduate community of a college. Similarly, JCR (Junior Combination Room) refers to the undergraduate community of a college, and SCR (Senior Combination Room) refers to the academics of a college. MCR can also mean the MCR Committee, or the physical common room that we use for many of our events.

Selwyn MCR currently has around 330 members from various nationalities and educational backgrounds. Contrary to many other colleges, all postgraduate accommodations are in the vicinity of the main site, which makes our MCR a tight-knit community. If you ask around, you will notice that most students agree to say that Selwyn is one of the friendliest colleges.

The MCR organises social activities including movie nights, barbecues and weekly brunches. We also organise monthly dinners and parties. The MCR is responsible for the welfare of its members and runs various schemes including the support of MCR sports development. The MCR also coordinates the allocation of rooms in college each year.

The MCR is run by an executive committee of people who are elected each year. As an MCR member, you have the opportunity to stand for election and have a say in MCR life.