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Selwyn College MCR

Common Room

All Graduate Students at Selwyn may use the Middle Combination Room (MCR) at any time - the room is open 24/7 all year round. They are also entitled to bring accompanied guests from within the University and outside. The MCR room is in Cripps Court, on the ground floor of staircase J. Access to the MCR is granted by your MCR key – every MCR member gets their key at the Porter’s Lodge at the start of their residence in Selwyn. Of course, the MCR is a no smoking room (as are almost all of the public areas within the College). The MCR premises consist of a large common room with sofas, a widescreen TV, a projector, a kitchenette, magazines, books and board games; a further smaller room with a TV, games console and a pool table, located opposite the main room.


A range of weekly and monthly magazines is provided in the MCR. If you have a particular periodical which you feel the MCR should obtain then please let the common room officer know.


Complimentary tea and coffee-making facilities are provided in the MCR kitchen. A Nespresso machine for coffee along with UHT milk, sugar, mugs, etc. Please notify the Common Room Officer if supplies run out.

TV / DVD / Blu-ray

The TV in the MCR has over 300 channels, including Sky Sports and several foreign language channels, Netflix and NowTV. There is a Blu-ray/DVD player and the MCR owns a wide range films on DVD and Blu-ray for use in the MCR. These are kept on the shelves next to the entrance. You can also borrow DVDs from the College Library. There is a projector which can be used with Sky TV or an external device such as a laptop.

Games and Books

The MCR has a collection of board games for you to relive those memories of Monopoly and Carcassonne. A small selection of fiction and reference books are available for you to borrow.

Pool Table

The pool table is a staple at most MCR events and very popular. This is free to play and is located in the games room.

Table Foootball

The table football table is another popular MCR pasttime. Free to play and found in the games room.

Computer Terminals

There are two computer terminals in the main MCR room with internet access. Feel free to use these for casual browsing. Please contact the MCR computer officer in the event of any technical issues with these machines.

Notice Boards

Please feel free to make use of the notice boards in the MCR for posters, adverts etc. They are there for everyone to use, but please do not be offended if your poster gets removed after some time; the MCR receives a constant stream of posters and information, and space is limited.

MCR Security and Cleanliness

It is critical to ensure that the main door closes and locks behind you when you leave. There is no official system for cleaning up the room, so please keep the MCR tidy. Leaving a mess behind after you is unfair to the cleaner and everybody else who wants to use the room. Please wash up your mugs, glasses, teapots, plates or the coffee machine if you use anything from the kitchen. Please also leave the magazines in a tidy state. If you think there are too many old magazines lying around, feel free to move them to the recycling bins in the kitchen.