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Graduate Tutors

Graduate Tutors:  Dr Ronita Bardhan (rb867), Dr Jörg Haustein (jh2227), Rev’d Hugh Shilson-Thomas (hds21), Dr David Smith (dls10), and Prof. Robert Tasker (rct31)

Each graduate student is allocated a Graduate Tutor for the duration of their studies. Your Graduate Tutors must be your first point of contact in the College. They can provide assistance for any academic or pastoral issue. Example of issues you can raise to your Tutor are: financial hardship, supervisoral issues, request for a travel grant, mental health problems, booking a room in College. If your Tutor cannot directly help you, they well direct you towards someone who can. All Graduate Tutors are reachable via email. You should meet (either in person or by video conference) at least once per term.

Senior Tutor: Dr Michael Sewell (mjs1001)

The Senior Tutor oversees all academic and pastoral matters within College. If your first point of contact should always be your designated Graduate Tutor, you can contact the Senior Tutor if you have issues with your Tutor.

Tutorial and Admissions Office ─

  • Tutorial Office Manager and Senior Tutor's Assistant: Gina Vivian-Neal (grv21)
  • Prælector’s and Graduate Tutors’ Assistant: Samantha Carr (sc423)
  • Tutorial Administrator: Karen Hopper (keh56)

Typical reasons to contact the Tutorial Office include, but are not limited to: finalising your arrival to Cambridge (if you are a soon-to-be student), requesting a proof of residence, proof of studies, or any other official document, and asking questions about the general functioning of College.



The Bursar: Martin Pierce

Assistant Accountant: Jane Eagle (jem52)

You should contact the Assistant Accountant if you have a question about your College bill, or if you need to arrange your payments differently than termly, which is the default.



Accommodation Manager: Alison Benham

You can contact the Accommodation Manager if you have an issue with your room and wish to change. You will need to have a valid reason for that.

Head Housekeeper (aka Domus Manager): Sue Jeffries

Contact the Domus Manager if you have requests about your room such as adding or removing furniture, if you would like additional cleaning to the shared areas, or any other issue related to housekeeping.

Head of Maintenance: Doug Benzie

If you encounter a problem with the heating, electrical fittings, plumbing of your room or the building you live in, fill in this online request form. If the matter is urgent, call the Porters' Lodge. The on-duty Porter will do their best to help you and will report the issue to the Maintenance Department.

Fellow for Rooms: Dr James Moultrie (jm329)

The Fellow for Rooms organises the room ballot which is held each year.


Other staff

Dean: Dr Charlotte Summers

The Dean is in charge of discipline in College. You need the Dean's authorisation to organise any event in College.

Master: Roger Mosey

The Master is the face of College, they represent the College at inter-college meetings. They also regularly organise events in their house, called the Master's Lodge.

IT Office: Dave Johnstone and Howard Beaumont

Virtually every computer-related issue can be solved by the IT Office. Do not hesitate to contact them if you need help setting up your University email on your laptop or your phone, for example.

Catering and Conference Office

The Catering and Conference Office oversees the Dining Hall and all events going on in College. Contact them if you have questions and/or requests about the food or if you would like to host an event in the College. You should also contact Catering if you are self-isolating in your College room and require food to be delivered to your room.

Chaplain: Rev'd Canon Hugh Shilson-Thomas

The Chaplain is the Deand of Chapel. They provide pastoral support for the whole college community regardless of religious belief.